Halsey’s Badlands Reveals Raw, Brutal, and Unapologetic World

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Featured Image by Stephanie DeFeo

Halsey, if you don’t already know, is a 20-year-old New Jersey native that has been stoking a growing flame ever since she performed at SXSW 2015 and toured with Imagine Dragons on their Smoke and Mirrors tour (see our photos from their Philly stop here). After a slaying performance at Made in America this past weekend, she’s about to kick off a sold-out, headlining tour this fall and stopping back in Philly at Union Transfer on October 19th. Her much-anticipated debut album Badlands was released August 28th through Astralwerks Records, and it’s something that truly lives and breathes on its own; the grunge-tinged pop takes us to the alternate universe that is the Badlands.

badlandshalseyAlbum Art courtesy of the Artist

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