Know Your Scene: Spotlighting Those That Make The Philly Music Scene Tick

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It is no secret that Philly’s music scene is garnering national attention. From being declared “Rock’s First City” by Stereogum to Vice naming our punk scene as “the best,” Philly music is alive and well, across all genres. Acts like Kurt Vile,  The Districts, The War On Drugs, Hop Along, CRUISR, Jazmine Sullivan, Ground Up, and many more are making national headlines and putting Philly on the map as one of the world’s great music cities.

We often talk about the artists at Rock On Philly but it has come to our attention that it is time to start spotlighting those behind the scenes in the Philly music community that are making a difference everyday. These people and organizations don’t ask to be put on a pedestal, they simply do their job to make the scene tick. Robert Collier said it best: “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” The making of a healthy music ecosystem isn’t something that happens overnight, but these behind the scenes heroes are making it happen through hard work, passion and dedication.

In an effort to better educate the mainstream public about the incredible resources available in Philadelphia- from producers to studios to venues to marketing companies to radio stations to publications to pr companies- we are starting a new weekly series called Know Your Scene. Every week, we will spotlight a behind the scenes leader in the Philly music community and get down to business.

The first article will go up on Friday, October 9th but leading up to that, we are using our social networks to shout out Philly music businesses and difference makers once a day, for the next 4 weeks.

If you have a music business or leader you’d like to see featured, comment below or e-mail us at with #KNOWYOURSCENE in the subject line.   

Update: The first #KNOWYOURSCENE feature actually went up Friday, October 30th. 

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