Let’s Dance! Cory Wade, Jennifer Logue, The Sun Flights, Deep City Healers, and Rob Tait Talk David Bowie

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Rock On Philly: I would consider David Bowie as one of the key reasons why I write about music today.  What is your experience with Bowie and what influence has he had on your own music, personal style, etc? 

Cory Wade: David Bowie has been a source of inspirational fuel for SO many artists out there. There is a certain level of confidence that I wouldn’t have been able to access if I hadn’t seen it in David Bowie first. He teaches us the importance of art that is daring and progressive. I’ve always been mesmerized by his ability to execute iconic fashion along with an equally iconic sound.

Jennifer Logue: Honestly, I hadn’t listened to Bowie much up until it was suggested by you, Sam, that we do a Bowie Edition of Songwriters in the Round. I was aware of his huge influence on other artists prior to this- from Lady Gaga to Fall Out Boy to Janelle Monae to The Killers. Bowie’s an original. A true artist. He broke the mold for not only music, but fashion as well. It’s been such an adventure listening to his discography preparing for this.

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Rob Tait: David Bowie is one of the most prolific songwriters ever. Not only could he write songs that sank in with the masses and defined a generation, he could also write songs that were crazy weird and he never lost his sense of self. Ever. I think that’s incredibly hard in this industry.  You can get lost in the codswallop and lose the true definition of you.

The Sun Flights: Although we haven’t listened a great deal to David Bowie, what we have experienced was his innovation in songwriting and new sound that pushed the boundaries of music and songwriting. This is something we strive to create in the Sun Flights music, a unique sound.

Brenda Cohen, Deep City Healers: When I first heard David Bowie I was a pre-teen or young teenager.  His music was so unlike anything I’d ever heard I was instantly addicted to it! His style was also very different from what anyone was doing at that time.  I loved that he wasn’t a “regular” rock n roller, his androgyny was very alluring and I remember listening solely to him for at least a year straight. He’s all I would play on my tape deck! His influence on my style…I didn’t have any style then. It was all so new to me. He did make me feel like anything was possible. And it didn’t matter how freaky or different you looked, if you could sing from your heart and convey that emotion–that’s all that mattered. I remember embracing that, and I incorporate that notion into my own music as well.

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    September 23, 2015 at 5:15 pm

    I grew up listening to David Bowie from my parents and I’m so happy ROP has chosen him for the next songwriters in the round! He’s such an original, and he has played around with a few genres so there really is something for every artist.

  2. Bryana Natale

    September 26, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    My dad was a Bowie fan and when I was younger our iTunes was synced together, so he had my music and I had his. I remember not only hearing Bowie for the first time, but seeing him pop up on my iPod(the first iPod ever). It was so cool to hear and see someone so unique, who knew how to stay true to their real and raw self.

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