Made in America 2015: Why We Love Made in America

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Photography by Stephanie DeFeo

The best experiences I have ever had at a festival was not just rubbing shoulders with artists or photographing the trees and the Budweiser logos (even though that was pretty cool). It was the interaction Stephanie and I had with you, the fans at Budweiser Made in America 2015, that made our hearts sing and feel all of the warm, fuzzy feelings.

This entire experience was a big deal for me.  As an editor of this very website, I am still the rambunctious new kid on the block, trying to gain my footing in a vast and sometimes uncertain music world. That includes trying to be social and not acting like a basket-case when I am approached or approach other human beings. As much as a stereotype as it sounds, I am a writer; I find solace in words and commas. Saying those words out loud to other people, however, is a big challenge for me…and just saying “hi” to complete strangers and then asking them to pose for a photo is also a big deal in my world [insert squirmy feelings here].

What I found I lacked in the weeks leading up to the festival was unity with others, as I find I often feel alienated in some way (normally through internal neuroses). I found, that last weekend, just doing my assignment that I really do like people (mind blown) and the experience was not nearly as terrifying as I originally thought. The experience of simply asking all of you wonderful people to pose for a photo and chat with us was really something I will never forget and I hope you were touched in the same way.

Click through to see a few of the awesome people we met at Made in America 2015!

MIA_Saturday10Fans at the Made in America 2015 entrance

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  1. Bryana Natale

    September 14, 2015 at 10:55 pm

    Reading this article gave me all of the warm, fuzzy feelings. Great pics, made me feel like I was there.

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