Rock On Philly Honors David Bowie with Next Songwriters in the Round on 10/1

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Featured Image by Hunter Desportes via Wikimedia Commons

Rock On Philly’s Songwriters in the Round returns with its latest installment to honor glam rock innovator and music legend David Bowie. ROP will host the SITR at the Tin Angel on Thursday, October 1st and feature local songwriters Cory Wade of America’s Next Top ModelRob TaitThe Sun FlightsJennifer Logue of Rock On Philly, and Deep City Healers. Each will perform one David Bowie cover in addition to his/her original music. Come enjoy some food and drinks, and “let’s dance” to some amazing music!
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  1. Bryana Natale

    September 18, 2015 at 1:07 pm

    UNDER PRESSURE !!!! Fame and The Man Who Sold the World. These 3 are classics, man!

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