Taylor Hanson chats with Rock On Philly about the Forbes Under 30 Music Festival, Craft Beer, and more

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If you were a 90s child, you were most likely a Hanson fan too. Their debut single “MMMBop” hit number one in 27 countries, well before any of its members were even close to 30.  While it’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since the song’s release, this mega-talented trio of brothers continues to enjoy success in music and beyond. On Tuesday, October 6th it is only fitting that they headline the Forbes Under 30 Music Festival along with Lindsey Stirling, Shawn Mendes, and A$AP Rocky at Philadelphia’s Festival Pier. Rock On Philly got the chance to chat with Taylor Hanson about this honor, current projects, and more. 

Rock On Philly: What do you love most about the Forbes Under 30 Summit?
Taylor Hanson: I love what Forbes is curating with all these different innovators in all these different fields. What I love about it most is the cultivation of connections between people doing great things, despite what field they’re in. Forbes is using their status to bring people together that are shaping the future. It’s a great thing and it’s an honor to be apart of it. We’re so excited to be performing as well as to be participating on panels this year. 

ROP: What do you think the music industry could learn from startup culture?
TH: The music industry has really suffered for so long. They’re akin to being a group of wealthy kids that never had to really do it from scratch because there was this establishment. A lot of artists forgot how to see their own value. With startup culture, you have a whole generation of people that maybe at another time in history would have started a band, but are now using their creativity to innovate in other ways- design, film, technology… Innovation has to happen in the music industry. We can’t hold onto where we’ve been.  The music industry has always been the last to come to the table of innovation. Not that we’ve got it figured out by any means, but with Hanson over the last 10 years, we’ve embraced that startup spirit. 

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  1. hi

    October 5, 2015 at 10:17 am

    Hanson have crazy musical talent… Love their melodies in their different albums through the years, such as their self-produced independent albums Underneath, Shout it out and The Walk. Some songs which I love from them are not trendy per say but they are good music. Really like their song Waiting for This! Hanson – Waiting For This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z9WymEOqKvI

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