The Good Mess Celebrate Debut EP at The Trocadero this Saturday

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Local grunge rock band The Good Mess is gearing up to release their debut EP, Smoke Like Ghosts, this Friday, September 11th, to coincide with their record release show at The Trocadero on Saturday. The grungy six song release is reminiscent of 90’s bands like Stone Temple Pilots, and is instrumentally upbeat and sonically uplifting. The Good Mess makes wholesome songs, and with production being done by Will Yip at Studio 4, the EP sounds toned and polished.

The Good Mess creates a generally feel-good atmosphere with driving instrumentals and sleek vocal takes, whether in the form of soft melodies or all-out exclamations. The EP’s first single, “Mother Mary,” is driven by distorted guitar and bass, while vocalist Tim Mellor delivers smooth vocals that add a feeling of serenity to the mix. He finds himself in a personal whirlwind, singing “Too bad I’m bad at thinking clearly,” while the reasons for distress become clear in the song’s persistent chorus, “Would you miss me when I’ve been gone for ages?” The Good Mess’s sound is often appealing through its ability to be easy-listening with a solid rock sound, while lyrically being cryptic and relatable. Their best moments come when their songs are most dynamic, as seen on “Nice And Tall” and “Move Too Fast.”

the good mess smoke like ghosts

“Nice and Tall” contains a quickly moving bass line that sets the stage for the song, while Mellor swiftly delivers impassioned vocals that deal with personal relationships. The end of the track moves further towards intensity with a feverish guitar solo, urgent vocal deliveries, and a heavy, thumping beat, making for one of the most well-rounded tracks on the EP. “Move Too Fast” starts off soft and atmospheric, with a mix of swaying and ambient riffs alongside slick vocal takes. As the vocals get grittier, the music speeds up and the band smoothly transitions between relaxed verses and the song’s simply rocking chorus. Alongside these quicker tracks, the EP rounds out with some slower jams like “Bethesda” and “Sweet Talk.”

The Good Mess overall creates music that feels fun and radiates positivity, with a solid mix of reflective and forward-looking lyrics. The band is concerned with creating rocking songs that are tinged with influences of grunge and blues, and with no song passing the three minute mark, there is not much room for filler. Almost every moment on the EP is filled with a resolute sense that focuses on the here and now, and does so with a bold and candid demeanor.

The Good Mess will be celebrating the release of Smoke Like Ghosts at The Trocadero this Saturday, September 12th. Get tickets here, RSVP here, and keep up with the band on Facebook. Pre-order your copy of Smoke Like Ghosts on iTunes or Amazon.

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    September 9, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    It makes me so happy to see some current bands that still dig 90’s, grunge, and a hard rock sound!

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