Battle of the College Bands: Judges and Sponsors Are Ready to Rock the Hard Rock!

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The big night is approaching! This Friday, October 23rd, Rock On Philly is hosting our first-ever Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands at the Hard Rock Cafe. We are super stoked and cannot wait to see you all there. All of our acts, Distressor, Baby Blitz, Andorra and INDIGOLD are ready to go, as well as our sponsors and judges. We are very appreciative of our sponsors and judges and thought it would be a good idea to spotlight them before the big battle to the last guitar string. Check them all out below!

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Fame House


The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will receive a 3-hour marketing consultation with top music marketing agency Fame House. With social media being a huge platform for all entertainers, the Philadelphia-based Fame House will assist the winning artist with their digital marketing and social media presence. In addition, Fame House will help the winning artist reach and connect with current and new fans. With Fame House, the winner will be in great hands, as they have also worked with artists like EminemDJ Shadow, Pretty Lights, Josh Wink, and Tiësto.

Hard Rock Cafe


The Hard Rock Cafe is the perfect location for the Battle of the College Bands. Located on Market Street right next to Jefferson Station in Center City, the Hard Rock offers a place to dine while listening to live music. Choose from a sandwich, burger, or delicious entree while jamming away to new tunes, you still capture the history of some of top music legends through the Hard Rock Cafe’s decor. Full menu will be available the night of the Battle- check it out here.

Mirror Image

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The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will receive a 100-CD Duplication package from Mirror Image. Mirror Image is a company that offers business cards, posters, flyers, CD copies and packages, apparel and vinyl packages. In addition, Mirror Image can offer help with graphics and web design. The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands is very lucky, indeed!

Philly Sound Studios


The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will also receive recording time with Philly Sound Studios. Philly Sound Studios will offer the winning act a super special experience, as the studio inspires endless creativity and has a perfect design for acoustics. Philly Sounds Studio is adding to the plethora of Philly talent and has worked with the likes of Fall Out Boy, Capital Cities, and Ingrid Michaelson–just right for the winner!

Lori Landew, Esquire


The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will receive a 1-hour consultation with top entertainment attorney Lori Landew of the law firm Fox Rothschild LLP. Landew has over twenty years of experience as an entertainment lawyer under her belt and focuses primarily on music, television, and film. Landew works directly with her clients in regards to music publishing, recording, production, licensing and much more according to their needs. The winner will definitely be in good hands with Landew!

Rock On Philly


The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will receive an editorial length feature with ROPRock On Philly, Philadelphia region’s premiere music website, is super excited to spotlight local college acts by hosting our first-ever Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands. We cannot wait to see you all this Friday at the Hard Rock Cafe!


The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will receive a full-year membership to ReverbNation. ReverbNation is the ideal company for emerging artist as they advance and promote their careers by helping them build connections with people in the industry. ReverbNation has connected artists to different venues, festivals, labels and of course, to none other more important than their fans! ReverbNation will also help the winning act of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands with career management and online marketing tools.



The winner of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will also receive a 1-year membership to Zipcar. Zipcar provides the best alternative to car renting that’s more like “car sharing.” It’s perfect for going on tour or coming back home from school without having to pay for gas or insurance. With Zipcar, gas and insurance are included in membership and you can save on the cost of car ownership. Our winning act of Rock On Philly Battle of the College Bands will be touring very efficiently!


Brian Cronin


Brian Cronin is owner of Mirror Image and That Music Mag. Mirror Image is a great company for up-and-coming musicians, as the company sells business cards, posters, CD packages, apparel and even vinyl. Likewise, That Music Mag focuses on the local talent of Philadelphia and will inform you when the artist is coming to town.

Charlie Bartlett


Charlie Bartlett is the co-founder of KBM Productions and JAZZ IT UP PHILLY. Bartlett brings a classical, jazz and pop composition background to KBM Productions. While providing promotional services for Philadelphia-based arts, community and cultural institutions. Bartlett has used his knowledge of non-profit world to create and promote the arts in Philadelphia.

Sheena Lester


Sheena Lester is the arts and culture editor of Philly Weekly, the most widely-read alternative newsweekly in the region. She is former managing editor of News and has served as editor-in-chief of RapPages and XXL magazines, as well as music editor of Vibe, executive editor of and VP of music content at BET Interactive. Lester began her foray into journalism over 20 years ago at the Los Angeles Sentinel. Hired by Larry Flynt Publications to oversee its flagship rap journal, Lester turned RapPages into an international sensation with its provocative mix of music, advocacy and culture reporting. Later, while at XXL, Lester co-produced 1998’s “A Great Day in Hip-Hop,” a now-classic recreation of Art Kane’s famous “Jazz Portrait” with over 200 rap music greats, convincing legendary photographer Gordon Parks to capture the image for posterity on the same Harlem stoop where the stalwarts of jazz were immortalized 40 years prior.

There you have it, folks, our fabulous sponsors and judges are ready to rock! We cannot wait to see you at Hard Rock Cafe this Friday, where YOU help pick the winner. Get advance tickets here.


  1. Amanda S

    October 22, 2015 at 12:14 pm

    So pumped to have Sheena Lester on board!

    • Bryana Natale

      October 23, 2015 at 7:44 am

      Ditto! Tonight is going to be awesome!

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