Rock On Philly’s First Official CMJ Showcase Brings Brotherly Love to NYC!

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Before the showcase, we met up with some of our showcase performers at Poco NYC for a pre-show meal. The folky singer-songwriter Rob Tait warmed the table up with some jokes, playing around with the restaurant’s super spooky Halloween decor, including a pair of sparkly purple witch shoes. The guys from Modern Colour chatted with the table about their commute from Philly, and Jennifer Logue got everyone pumped for the show. When we arrived at 2A, we admired the view of the city – a perfect backdrop for our first showcase in NYC!


Before the showcase at 2A

Our first performer of the night was Rob Tait, who got the crowd laughing with his banter between songs. Tait plays with such emotion and enthusiasm that it’s a wonder how the strings of his acoustic guitar didn’t snap on the spot.


Rob Tait performs at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ showcase

Between Rob Tait and the following act Laura Cheadle, it’s obvious that Philadelphia has some impressive singer-songwriters. Laura Cheadle grooved through her set of jazzy acoustic songs, getting the crowd even more hyped.


Laura Cheadle performs at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ Showcase

Next up was Jennifer Logue’s first performance with her new, permanent band lineup, featuring Demetrius Milner on drums and backing vocals and Will Winbourne on keys. Logue transported 2A to another era in one of the first songs, “Draped in Blue,” which sounds like it could have been performed at a 1920’s speakeasy. Americk Lewis joined Jenn on stage for “Incognito,” where the two of them put on their sunglasses for added effect.


Jennifer Logue brings Americk Lewis on stage at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ Showcase

Before Modern Colour’s set, frontman Stephan Sirochman placed two bar stools in front of the stage – suspicious? After performing head-banging rock and roll (including a cover of The Black Keys, a major influence on their music), Sirochman and guitarist Nate Ridgeway joined the crowd on the two bar stools to end their set on a more intimate note.


Modern Colour perform at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ Showcase

Self-described as an exotica punk band, Mercury Radio Theater carried Modern Colour’s energy into their set, which included songs influenced by Eastern European folk music. Their anti-capitalist lyrics, booming loudness, and perfect cohesion despite being a seven-piece group brought the night to a climax.


Mercury Radio Theater perform at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ Showcase

To close out a night of Philadelphia’s finest music, DJ Ben Arsenal spun some tunes to keep the party going until the early hours of the morning.


Dj Ben Arsenal perform at Rock On Philly’s official CMJ Showcase

Until next year, CMJ! We had a blast sharing our love of Philadelphia music to the people of the East Village.

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  1. Bryana Natale

    October 19, 2015 at 5:23 pm

    Sounds like a blast!

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