Son Little Brings Nu-Soul to Life in Self-Titled Debut Album

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Usually the genres of R&B and soul already induce many kinds of feelings: love, despair, hate, and longing (among others). Little intensifies those feelings with the help of his blunt and heart-wrenching lyrics. The track “Your Love Will Bow Me Away When My Heart Aches” is a key example of that. The down-tempo, smooth track talks of a fear that Little has of falling for someone after having heartache in the past. “Lay Down,” which is already such a relaxing and simple track with soft guitar and drums, has Little crooning about relaxing and letting time pass by. “Baby won’t you lay down and watch this water boil/let the others run around, for once” is the part of the chorus that can make anyone’s heart melt.

On the other side of the feels spectrum, “Loser Blues” has this slow, dark tempo with serene guitar riffs and an eerieness that describes a hopeless moment in time: “I’m going down slowly/I don’t know if I see another day” is a standout lyric that describes the hopelessness theme of the track.

“The River” brings the pep back up with a funky, swing to it. It’s the kind of song that should be played live with loads of friends; the kind of song that brings people together through music, and that’s what Son Little does with the songs on his debut. Not only does he mix up electronic sounds with soul and R&B, but he also adds hints of blues and foot-stomping funk to the mix to create a vivid spectrum of eclectic songs.

Check out the album for yourself below, and don’t miss Son Little when he stops at Johnny Brenda’s on 11/13. Get tickets here!


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  1. Bryana Natale

    October 21, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Many turn their nose to auto-tuned vocals, but recently with several different artist, I’ve noticed them use it as a powerful tool. Likewise, I’ve seen many artist not conform to one genre. Because of these 2 factors, I am really excited to check out Son Little!

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