The Dead Weather are Reborn on Dodge and Burn

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Featured Image occurs at 2:03 via “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)”

My first reaction to The Dead Weather‘s new album Dodge and Burn was, “Wait, I don’t have to be subscribed to TIDAL to listen to this?”

11665552_10153426972824110_2636104649292205613_nAlbum Art courtesy of the Artist

You can’t blame me. After announcing their third album, the garage rock supergroup shared certain songs from Dodge and Burn exclusively through paid services like TIDAL and the Third Man Records Vault. Jack White – the outspoken, prolific talent who brought us The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and of course, The Dead Weather – has fervently demanded that “music is sacred,” and the majority of revenue from the music industry should go directly to the artist. For this living rock icon, the personal is always political, and nothing is more personal to Jack White than his music. After following the past several months of Jack White stunts, finding Dodge and Burn on Spotify was pleasant yet shocking. It was an uncomfortable reminder of how much varied press, fanfare, and dispute surrounds The Dead Weather (Well, mostly Jack White). But as soon as the first song “I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)” begins, whatever antics these musicians have been up to don’t matter anymore – what does matter is that no one can write a time-stopping, head-banging rock song like The Dead Weather.

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