The Neighbourhood Makes an Emotional Splash with WIPED OUT!

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The first time I heard The Neighbourhoods popular tune, “Sweater Weather,” I was en route to get my braces off. Embarrassing, but true. Upon initial listening, though, my ears needed a minute to digest their unique sound..but, now, I don’t know how my ears could have ever forsaken me.

The debut full-length album I Love You gifted the world The Neighbourhood’s super cool, chill, Cali vibe and the band’s talent of seamless mixing a range of genres. Fast forward two years later, and the guys are finally ready to release their sophomore album WIPED OUT! this Friday, October 30th.


Album Art courtesy of the Artist

Going forward, the album functions as a whole entity and moves in progression. Each track is individualistic, yet builds off one another. The album provides similar sound of I Love You, with tracks like “Prey,” “Cry Baby,” and “Wiped Out,” giving us the familiar juxtaposition of dark lyrics and sweet melodies. Known to be inspired by their home state of California and hip hop, “Prey” captures the ‘beachy’ vibe (a theme present throughout the entire album), while “Wiped Out” shows the influence of the band’s mixtape on their current sound, as lead singer, Jesse Rutherford freestyles right before a trippy instrumental break.

The album takes an emotional turn, with sequential tracks “The Beach,” “Daddy Issues,” and “Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines” showing the band’s vulnerability as artists. “Daddy Issues” (one of my favorites off the album) showcases Jesse Rutherford’s sultry vocals and songwriting. His vocals are accentuated with auto-tune and the rhythm of the drums as he sings about loss: “I didn’t cry when you left at first, but now that you’re dead it hurts.” Likewise, “Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines” is arguably the most impressive track off of the album, as it shows the band’s growth, especially in direct comparison to “Baby Came Home” off of their EP I’m Sorry…. The track begins with just Rutherford’s vocals and guitar, and intensifies with his falsetto, making it nearly impossible not to feel his heartbreak.

The album wraps up with “Single” and “RIP 2 My Youth.” “Single” captures the essence of WIPED OUT! as a whole entity, so the album closes full circle. With the simplicity of the xylophone and guitar, “Single” is also arguably the Neighbourhood’s first-ever love song, something completely different for the NBHD boys. The biggest difference between The Neighbourhood’s debut and sophomore album is the songwriting and content of the songs. Prior to this album, the emotion in the NBHD’s songs felt, at times, external and lacking in maturity. It felt like there was a wall blocking the listener from being completely immersed in the emotion of the song. But, now, that wall is completely wiped out. There is a greater presence of emotion in each song on this sophomore effort as the lyrics describe gut-wrenchingly to heartbreak, loss and love, thus being accessible and relatable for all listeners.

In the end, WIPED OUT! does a balanced job of testing the waters of a new sound by experimenting with different compositions, but still make a big enough splash with their emotion that the band’s signature is not lost, but revamped into something more honed and mature.

Are you guys excited to listen to The Neighbourhood’s new album? What songs are you most excited to hear? Let us know in the comments below!

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