All Hail Mariah: Why Comparisons Are Silly

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This may not be the most objective post in the world, given that I have idolized Mariah Carey since I was a kid. However, I read another post on this site today about Ariana Grande’s new video for “Focus” that touted her as “Mariah 2.0” and I’m scratching my head.

Really? I understand that a lot of these young pop stars also idolized Mariah growing up and can mimic a lot of her defining characteristics, like the whistle tones for example, but most of the time, the overall vibe feels a bit forced. What’s more, Mariah has accomplished so much in her career. The media can be awfully forgetful these days.

I understand that some of our younger readers may not be familiar with Mariah’s earlier work and so I wanted to share a few of my favorite videos of Queen Mariah in action to both educate and also pay homage to this incomparable legend.


Vision Of Love

This was Mariah’s debut single in 1990 and it was stunning. The video was simple with all the focus being on that incredibly rich, boundless voice of hers. No backup dancers. No crazy makeup. Just Mariah. Wearing clothes.



You want full display of Mariah’s bells and whistles? This is your song then. And somehow, she makes it seem effortless. Those crazy whistle tones just pour out of her. It’s also clear that she’s actually feeling them in that they’re expressions of joy and not, “Hey! Look at what I can do!” Big difference.


Hero was one of Mariah’s biggest songs and continues to touch the lives of many with its message of finding inner strength to pull through hard times. She wrote this whopper of a ballad with Walter Afanasieff. Yup. Two people writing one hit song. Crazy, right? The writing credits on some pop songs today are longer than the lyrical content of the song itself.


Fantasy Remix (featured ODB)

Mariah changed the game with this one, mixing hip hop and r&b elements with her distinctive brand of pop. Fantasy for me is patient zero for much of today’s pop music, especially with the ODB remix below. Oh and one Youtube commenter mentioned that her style of clothing in the video is back in style again. What can I say, she’s timeless.


Always Be My Baby

There’s a magical quality to this song that makes it unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Listening to it again now, there’s a sweet, genuine sentimentality that’s missing from most of today’s pop music. Everyone’s so obsessed with going viral and resorting to extremes for clicks that we’ve forgotten to just feel it.


Mariah simply knows no bounds as a vocalist, songwriter, and artist. She’s also completely original. No one will ever completely sound like her and nor should they. It’s a tremendous disservice to modern day artists to be compared to a legend like Mariah. It makes it more difficult for them to find their own voice and forge their own path.

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