BANKS Drops Vulnerable New Single and Video, “Better”

Featured Image by Stephanie DeFeo

Things keep getting better and better for Banks fans. The California goddess has just released a new single and video entitled “Better,” along with the news that her sophomore album should be dropping by early 2016.

The video features a gilded Banks singing, “I can love you better than she can.” Banks shows complete vulnerability in the video as she lays naked and appears to be withering away. The contrast between the gold-covered Banks and naked one show a comparison of strength; she knows she can she love better, but she is not broken if her intended does not accept her love. This can also be seen in the video when the concrete is breaking but, by the end, is completely whole and smooth.

The song captures Banks’ signature moody and sultry sound, but hyped with more vulnerability and pain in the vocals as she showcases her range. While similar to the tracks off of her debut full-length, “Better” is no longer trying to be strong–it is a plea, rooted in emotion and honesty. The song comes to a sudden end, as at the end of a catharsis.

 Are you liking what you’re hearing from Banks? What do you guys think of the video? Let us know in the comments below! You can also win tickets for her TLA show on 11/9 here.

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