Ben Arsenal Drops New Remix with Pablo Batista and Ayumi Perry

Featured Image by Amanda Silberling

Back in the beginning of October, Rock On Philly had the privilege of hosting our Official CMJ Showcase in NYC, where aspiring artists get a giant platform for new music discovery. In addition, ROP had the opportunity to interview several of the artists that performed in our exclusive showcase. One of those artists was Philly musician, DJ, and producer Ben Arsenal

Prior to the showcase, Ben gave us a glimpse into what he is working on. He posted a picture about working with West Coast-native-turned-Philly-local, Ayumi Perry and Grammy-winning, national percussionist, Pablo Batista.

The track titled “Ooh La La (Ben Arsenal Remix)” features the collaboration of Ayumi, Ben, Pablo and Jack Zefres on bass. Originally titled “ohlala” and written by Ayumi and Gary Dann, the remix by Ben allows the track to still have the emotionally-fueled voice of Ayumi, while bringing a completely new sound with the congas and aux percussion by Pablo and the drum-driven style by Ben, a trademark of his remixes. The six-minute track works in progression, as the track begins with Ayumi’s voice in the background. Then about a minute in, there is repetition of the lyrics, before a massive blow-up of the congas and drums. These two instruments work together creating a super cool sound that you can’t help but feel good when listening to it, in perfect opposition to the emotion in Ayumi’s singing and humming throughout the entire song.

What do you think of the track? Do you like it better with Ben Arsenal’s remix? Let us know after the jump! 

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