DJ Paypal Creates Insanely Fast Footwork with “Sold Out”

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Without proper inspection, DJ Paypal could be written off as another run-of-the-mill disc jockey, but his transitions between rhythms and ability to turn any sound into a song is pretty impressive. Often, tracks will subtly speed up and slow down which you may not realize unless you are transfixed on the tune or frantically trying to keep your feet in match with the beat.

One of Sold Out’s standout tracks is the trippy “Ahhhhhhh.” Just shy of thirty seconds into the song, a few quick piano hits usher in a time change, and DJ Paypal introduces a delicately intertwined section of sugary percussion, pounding bass, and fluttering piano, with a soaring vocal melody. That bolting percussion races for a good amount of time, and often switches between its insane form and a slightly more settled and manageable rhythm. One impressive aspect of that song, and DJ Paypal’s music in general is its ability to shape shift and morph without necessarily bringing in much new material. “Ahhhhhhh” is pretty repetitive in terms of the samples and vocal pattern, but DJ Paypal is always adding in one-off hits or creating weird patterns that make his music hypnotizing.

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