Here We Go Magic is Quietly Excellent at Boot and Saddle

Photography by Jared Levy

“Keep the blue light on,” said Luke Temple, as he and the current iteration of Here We Go Magic took to the stage. The night was mellow, just as Temple seemed to prefer. He started with “Stella” from the new album Be Small, which is the fourth from the band that is built around his compelling creative vision.

At Boot and Saddle that vision included cerebral performances of songs from previous albums, such as “Tunnelvision” from the self-titled debut, Here We Go Magic, to “Falling” from Be Small. The audience mostly responded with quiet appreciation that seemed to mimic Temple’s internal focus. Each song ended with him visually directing the other members of the band to reach a shared sense of a conclusion.

While listeners may have moved to the next trendy band, Here We Go Magic continues to make excellent music with Temple a singular presence in indie rock.

Check out all the photos from the show below!

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