Minus The Bear Inspires at Electric Factory, In Spite of Tragedy

Photography by Mike Mauger

As I prepared for my evening covering Minus The Bear at the Electric Factory this past Friday night, as I usually do, I was all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, checking in on the band and its fans to see if I should be preparing for anything special this evening. I tend to be a bit of an academic as well as a photographer, so I tend to do research on the stage set up, lighting, set lists, and see if there tends to be any special guests or surprises.


And then, sometimes, there are those unfortunate surprises. Like the surprises of checking Twitter and seeing that tragedy has struck not just the music community, but humanity in Paris. The news was still reporting (and really, that continues today and will surely continue for days to come) on the tragic events throughout the French city throughout Friday night and it was hard to keep the phone down and in my pocket. Typically I can keep my phone off during a show, but that the tragedy seems to have centered around a massacre taking place in a concert hall, not unlike the kinds I frequent here in Philadelphia, I felt a bit more anxious. Not that I feared similar tragedy, but that the music community endured a particular loss that night.

It didn’t seem like the events that unfolded in Paris Friday night went unnoticed by anyone in the audience, but it seemed as though the crowd was able to take that sense of communal loss and turn it in to something positive. Hell, we were all still together, enjoying the music we love, free from everything that was outside the doors.


Friday night was truly something special at Electric Factory, where Minus The Bear came through on their Menos El Oso 10th Anniversary Tour. The show included a straight run through of their legendary album from 2005, as well as some other favorites like set closer, “Invisible,” and rounding out with crowd favorites for their encore with “Lies and Eyes,” and “Into the Mirror.”

The band didn’t feel like they could go the night without some acknowledgement to the tragedy across the ocean, mentioning that there is some “[expletive] up [expletive] in this world,” but playing shows like this is what they love doing. Coming out and playing, the band said, is what they live for, and coming to live shows is what the audience lives for, and it was a beautiful thing. The crowd approved. The entire night seemed to really come alive after that mid-set acknowledgment, and with it out of the way, we could celebrate music and life – still together after ten years of Menos el Oso.


Thanks to Minus The Bear for having us out for another wonderful evening at the Electric Factory. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the tragedy in France and throughout Europe.

Check out our full photo gallery from the evening below!

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  1. Angelique Platas

    November 19, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Love Minus The Bear,
    Great article!

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