Worldtown SoundSystem’s Debut Single “Testify” Is Here!

Featured Image courtesy of Artist Facebook

Although, we have yet to begin the winter season, the song of the summer has come early, thanks to Worldtown SoundSystem. Earlier in the month, Worldtown SoundSystem’s debut single, “Testify ” was released!

The track was produced by Philly’s own and one of our Official CMJ Showcase artists Ben Arsenal alongside his good friend and fellow DJ Oluwafemi. Both Worldtown SoundSystem and their track “Testify” embody the idea of a melting pot as the group is a live house music band that fuses musical elements from around the world, including jazz and tribal sounds with the incorporation of the horn and shekere.

The accompanying video for “Testify,” shows the power that music can have on people. Throughout the video, there are live clips of Worldtown SoundSystem performing their song, as well as the crowd dancing to it. It is clear that everyone is feeling happy and free because of the music. With the blend of vocals, horn and drums, it is nearly impossible to resist the urge to breakout in dance when “Testify” is being played.

“Testify” is now available on iTunes, Google Play,  Spotify and SoundCloud. Go and check it out!

What do you guys think of Worldtown SoundSystem’s debut single? Excited to hear more? Let us know after the jump!

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