Flashback: Up-and-Coming Australian Acoustic Duo Good Morning Make Their U.S. Debut

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Rock On Philly: This is your first time in New York, and you’re staying overseas for about a month – how did that work out?

Liam Parsons: This guy Caleb who runs this blog called Rare Candy – we sent him an email when we found out we got invited to CMJ, and we were like, do you know any friends or something that would have a cheap room or something? And he said we could stay with him for free. So, we’re staying in his basement. The lights don’t turn off.

Stefan Blair: It’s permanently lit. And all of the gras of the building is stored permanently next to our beds.

LP: It’s awesome though. Caleb’s insanely lovely.

ROP: Being able to stay in NYC for free is amazing.

LP: And we don’t even have to set alarms! We keep getting woken up by things. Like cleaners. And there’s a TV in the basement, so we can see what American TV is like.


East Village, New York City (October 2015) by Amanda Silberling

ROP: What’s the difference between American TV and Australian TV?

SB: The side-effects in all of the pharmaceutical ads.

LP: And, there’s so many channels! So many choices! But there’s nothing to watch! It’s all sales channels.

SB: The best are those ads for lawyers, where it’s like, “Have you been hit by a car? Or fallen over?” And they have this montage of people falling over onto sidewalks and things.

ROP: What’s the music scene like in Melbourne?

SB: There are a lot of great bands, both local bands, and bands that have caught on over here. King Gizzard is a good example of that.

ROP: Are you guys still in school over there? I know you met each other in high school.

SB: It’s actually my last week of classes this week. I need to hand in an essay by today technically, which won’t get done, so I’ll probably have to hand it in late tomorrow. But, that’s okay.

ROP: So, it’s probably weird being like, “Oh, I have to write a paper, but I have a show in New York City to prepare for.”

SB: I think I just have the bibliography left. So I can use one of those websites that makes a bibliography for you.

ROP: What would the equivalent of an instant bibliography maker be for music?

SB: Maybe those band name generators. We’ve definitely looked at those.

LP: Any band name we’ve ever had has come from a newspaper or the side of a mustard bottle.

ROP: What else have you done in New York so far?

SB: The other night we went to Times Square at like, five in the morning. It was crazy. We had one day where we were literally just outside all day. Sleeping. Recovering. We went on a lot of rooftops…saw a lot of skylines…

LP: We saw a shirt that said, “Smoke Meth and Hail Satan.” Try going through American customs wearing that…

ROP: Is it expected of Australian bands that they’ll try to eventually “make it” in America?

SB: Some bands just stay in Australia. I guess it comes down to whether you want to travel.

LP: I think “making it” just comes down to being able to play music for fun.

SB: I wouldn’t be upset if we just played gigs around Melbourne forever. It’s fun.

ROP: Especially with social media and all that, it’s so easy for bands from abroad to get fans outside of their city.

SB: Yeah – if someone from a random pocket of the world finds your music and shows their friends there, then all the sudden, more people are hearing your stuff.

ROP: Has anything unexpected happened to you guys at a show so far?

LP: The one time we actually went to Sydney, we drove there, and we ran out of petrol. We ended up outside of a boomerang factory. And some lady sold us lawn mower petrol.

SB: She was like, “Oh, you need some petrol? Hold on, let me drop off some cookies first.”

LP: We ended up getting to the show like, three minutes before we were supposed to go on stage.

ROP: With only two people in the band, do you have similar tastes?

SB: Yeah – it just seemed like a fun idea one day to write some songs.

LP: We’re not trying to make any grad statements. I don’t think we have any sort of agenda. It’s all just fun.

Check out Good Morning’s music video for “You” and “On the Street” below!

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