Flashback: Up-and-Coming Australian Acoustic Duo Good Morning Make Their U.S. Debut

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Featured Image by Amanda Silberling

Outside of a bar called “No Fun” in the East Village, Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons climb out of a yellow taxi cab onto Ludlow Street. But for the two Australian lads of Good Morning, it’s hard to say that their first experience in the United States has been anything but a good time.

“Sorry they’re running late – they’re probably stoned,” the 60’s-sounding acoustic pop band’s manager Dan says. “Did you know you can get weed delivered to you in New York? It’s amazing!”

Good Morning isn’t stoned when they arrive, but they’re laughing and joking with each other as though they’re riding a natural high. Though they’re in the middle of their first stint of shows overseas at the CMJ Music Marathon, Blair and Parsons don’t seem to be stressed or nervous – they’re just happy to play music, travel, and meet new people, even if it means sleeping in a basement next to a trash chute.

Since 2014, Good Morning have released a full-length Shawcross and a handful of singles, most recently, “You“/”On the Street” and “Cab Deg,” which will appear on the six-song release Glory in February. The Australian duo’s melodic, acoustic-driven pop sound like what you’d hear your buddies improvise amidst a haze of pot smoke in a college dorm basement – well, that is, if your friends know how to make you melt with a guitar and their soothing, alto voices. These songs are lullabies with a twist – they are calm and nostalgic but never boring, riddled with hypnotizing lo-fi riffs and harmonies.

After catching Good Morning’s CMJ debut and chatting with them while taking a walk through the East Village, we’re left wanting more from these two goofy Australians – when’s U.S. trip round two?


Shawcross Album Art courtesy of the Artist

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