Spirit Animal Chat Band Dynamics and Saddest Albums of 2015 at MilkBoy

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Spirit Animal is a self-described “chaotic” rock/pop Brooklyn band that’s powered by the “unruly aesthetics of psych and funk.” Comprised of drummer Ronen Evron, bassist Paul Michel, frontman Steve Cooper, and guitarist Cal Stamp, Spirit Animal proved to be united group of audacious and passionate musicians. Following the success of their 2013 hit “The Black Jack White,” Spirit Animal has been lauded by critics from USA Today, Consequence of Sound, and MTVU. The group recently completed a tour through Communion Music, which included a stop in Philly’s MilkBoy music venue. 

I had a chance to sit down with them and reflect on their recent success, discuss proper wine etiquette (“If you’re going to open a bottle, have the decency to throw away the cork!”), whether Courtney Barnett or Majical Cloudz had the saddest record of 2015, and discovering new sources of inspiration on their upcoming EP.

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