The Magic of Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams

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“Hymn for the Weekend” starts with birds chirping that adds a paradise-like feeling. The vocal layers by Beyoncé is angelic as you would expect from such a perfect human specimen. The love song/party message is cool. The upbeat tempo for what could have been a ballad is great and goes with the “feeling drunk and high” mood of being in love. The collaboration with Beyoncé is brilliant. Their vocal harmonies are ON POINT. This track is the highlight of the album.

The gentle falsetto by Chris Martin in “Everglow” and elegant key work creates an emotional mood. This track is quintessentially Coldplay and features Martin’s former wife Gwyneth Paltrow‘s voice samples. Energetic “Adventure of a Lifetime” is a featured single from the album, and starts with intricate guitar line and plenty of percussion and bass. There’s a funky disco groove. Bass is used strategically as the lyrics preceding the chorus says “I feel my heart beating,” and the music drops out. When the vocals return with “alive again,” the music picks up again. The lyrics are very much a part of intertwined with what is happening in the music.

“Fun” features Tove Lo, and is a slower track which is not common in her synth pop groove. This track looks back at the fun times in the past and it makes sense that it’s a more mellow track. Tove Lo’s youthful voice is great in harmony with Martin, especially in representation of the past. Short interlude “Kaleidoscope” has another celebrity cameo, and starts with elaborate piano solo. President Obama’s speech and singing is incorporated. The whole track sounds like a dream sequence.

“Amazing Day” is typical and slow like you’d expect from Coldplay. There’s nothing extraordinary about this track, and feels like something to fall asleep to. At the slow point of the album, this track feels like it could have been omitted, but acts more like an into to “Colour Spectrum,” another interlude. The interlude is more interesting and pleasing. The last track, “Up&Up” starts with simple beats and strings and piano. Guitar work is simple but substantial for the song. The album ends optimistically as the lyrics encourage positivity and a full chorus.

The collaborations and voice samples used in the album are strong and the visual association that comes with this album is truly a kaleidoscope. Each track have their own vibrant colors that come alive with sound with dreamy optimism. As proverbial as some of the tracks are to the optimistic dream theme, the album in whole provides a sense of relief and it pleasant to listen to.

Listen to the full album below! 

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