Cherub Talks Major Influences, Reading Terminal, and New Music

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Rock On Philly: How was Cherub created?

Jordan Kelly: I was living alone in a house and I started making music in my room. A music making program started it all…getting crazy trying to figure how I could switch my style from making beats for rappers to something I could sing over, and I had never really sang before, so I was just trying to get comfortable. That’s the very start of it.

ROP: What are your band’s major musical influences?

JK: We listen to so much music. I mean just to give you some input, I’ll just go over what bands we listen to a lot of. I’ve been listening to a lot of Gang Starr, DSI, and Smashing Pumpkins. Those would be a couple of them off the top of my head that I’ve most recently have been listening to, I would say.

Jason Huber: Yeah, we’re pretty diverse music listeners. I mean, in general, the music that we grew up with has been super influential to us. Neither of us come from super musical families…so we both agree up with the radio and pop music and alternative music and what our parents were listening to, and that’s something that’s been super influential to us along the way and, stemming from that, music that we then found on our own.

ROP: Have anything special lined up for your upcoming show in Philly and the …Still DTF tour overall?

Cherub (both): Well, this is going to be our first time in Philly with a live band, so we’re super pumped to be performing with Nick and Jordan on stage. It’s been really exciting the past fall to start performing with a few more musicians on stage and were stoked to come to Philly for the first time with that show, which can be super fun.

ROP: Got any planned destinations while you guys are in Philly?

JK: The Dan Dan noodles at Han Dynasty. Anything you get there is [expletive] incredible, dude.

JH: Yeah, obviously people go [to Philly] for a Philly cheesesteak. I’m a cheesesteak dude, but we try to go there [Han Dynasty] every single time we are in Philadelphia and also DiNic’s. I think it’s kind of a touristy thing to go to [Reading] Terminal Market and go to DiNic’s, but I also think it’s a really really good sandwich. [laughs]

ROP: Are you guys working on any new music?

JK: We didn’t book a lot of shows [last year] just to finalize everything, and we should have new music done very shortly. We don’t have a release date yet, but we’re trying to get it out as soon as possible, so we definitely have new music coming soon.

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