Coasts Make Waves With Debut Album

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These ten tracks will take you on quite a journey. They offer a unique combination of genres, containing elements of pop, rock, electronic and dance. The album starts off strongly with what is probably their most recognizable single, “Oceans.” It’s not hard to imagine this anthem being played to a sold-out arena with a sea of fans singing along. “Wolves,” with its powerful theme of running wild and being free, is certain to be a fan favorite. The bass line on this track is particularly admirable. “You”—said to have been written about their fans—is the current single off of the album, and for good reason. Its catchy beat and uplifting lyrics are sure to make it a hit.

It’s no wonder that the next song, “Modern Love,” was named one of Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records for BBC Radio 1, because it is exactly that—hot. It is impossible not to dance along to this synth-filled tune driven by a punchy drum beat. The record then slows down with “Lions.” The vocals are delivered with powerful emotion to match the heartfelt lyrics. Up next is “Stay.” Its tribal beats and background vocals definitely make it stand out. The next track, “A Rush Of Blood,” was also named one of Zane Lowe’s Hottest Records. As well as being played in an advertisement during the Super Bowl, it was also featured on Made In Chelsea, making it safe to say that this single is one of Coasts’ most notable songs. The percussion in “Your Soul” is truly impeccable. The melodious marimba chords and toe-tapping snare rhythms are sure to grab any listener’s attention. The percussion in conjunction with the intoxicating guitar line make this a memorable track. Coasts slow down once more with a powerful ballad, “Wash Away.” It is easy to get lost in the mesmerizing layers of vocals. “Tonight,” featured on the FIFA 16 soundtrack, brings the album to a strong close. You’ll find yourself singing along to its optimistic lyrics with a smile on your face in no time.

While there are only ten tracks on the standard version of Coasts, the deluxe version comes with six bonus tracks that are well worth a listen. Some of these are even stronger than the album tracks. “Wallow” is one of them. Leaning more towards the rock genre, this song builds suspense by beginning with a long fade-in leading to a much heavier sound than any other track on the album. “Let Go” and “Golden City” are danceable tunes with infectious synth. The ballads “As Long As I Need You” and “See How” both have soulful lyrics that have the power to move you to tears. “Stone” closes out the bonus tracks with bold choruses and a noteworthy marimba solo. If you like the standard version of Coasts, then the deluxe version is definitely for you.

One lyric from Coasts describes the entire album perfectly—“Now that you’ve got control we only move to your beat.” With just one listen, Coasts will take control of you. They’ll make you want to dance, sing and smile. Some songs might even make you want to have a good cry. Mark my words—this band is going to be big. They’ve only just put out their first album—full of single-worthy songs, no less—and they have already accomplished more than most bands have ever dreamed of. So, maybe you haven’t heard of Coasts yet. That’s okay. I can guarantee that you will. The US is ready for another British invasion, and Coasts are coming.

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