Leaf Talks Female Empowerment, Musical Identity, and Alessia Cara

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Photography courtesy of the Artist

“Sometimes I wish it was like the 90’s again, when female artists were more free-spirited, pro-woman, and didn’t critique and criticize each other so much,” female hip hop phenom, Leaf, talks money before men, creating a sisterhood through her music, and developing an untouchable legacy. The NYC-born and raised artist, still fairly green, has already proven herself to be a DIY tour-de-force at just 20 years young. Having conjured a musical likeness similar to those of Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks, this rapper/singer touts an effusive passion for experimentation. Leaf administers a female-positive approach to her music, demonstrating herself to be a game changer among millennial artists, whose messages are too often clouded. Whether she’s making her own beats, working on her MBM clothing line, or shredding guitar, Leaf is constantly stimulating her right brain in any way she feels—she’s not ready to be put in a box, and something tells us she never will be.

Snowed-in and struggling for cell reception, Leaf graciously spoke with us about her first-ever national tour. Opening for one of 2015’s breakout stars, Alessia Cara, who boasts a surprisingly shy yet self-assured approach to hit making, the two are a perfect compliment to one another. For Leaf who’s already begun this year in stride, making music that is simply, un-apologetically “her,” this tour just another way of announcing her arrival.


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