Queen of Jeans Break Out on Self-Titled Debut EP

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Featured Image by Kelly Kurteson

If you’ve been looking for a band who sounds like Jenny Lewis fronting a Lo-fi/Surf Rock band, look no further than South Philly’s Queens of Jeans. What began as Miriam Devora preparing material for a solo record with Nina Scotto and Matheson Glass last July developed into a full collaborative project, resulting into what became their eponymous debut Queens of Jeans EP. Replete with splashy guitars, densely layered harmonies and a grooving rhythm section, Queen of Jeans’ possess an exceptional ear for filling out the sound of the record without feeling overwhelming. Devora’s smoky voice is extremely versatile, capable of stretching and reaching a delicate falsetto that drifts comfortably in the mix. Beneath the surface, however, Queen of Jeans possess a subtle, yet vulnerable edginess that is only revealed when immersed in their washed out, retro sound and candid lyrics.

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