Vacationer, Weekender, and Queen of Jeans Chat Before Red Bull Sound Select 2016

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Photo of Vacationer by Matt Schwartz; Photo of Weekender by Jen Bragan Photography; Photo of Queen of Jeans by Kelly Kurteson

Ahead of an exciting Red Bull Sound Select bill coming to The Fillmore‘s Foundry stage tonight, we spoke to local indie rock bands Vacationer, Weekender, and Queen of Jeans.


Vacationer is headlining the gig, and the band has a bunch of great news regarding new material. They’ll also be performing on a cruise with the likes of Paramore, Chrvrches, and Mewithoutyou. Frontman Kenny Vasoli filled us in.

Rock On Philly: We saw you played Frankford Hall on New Year’s Eve and have been sharing beautiful photos from a vacation in Nicaragua. How has the New Year been so far for Vacationer?

Kenny Vasoli: It’s been off to a very enjoyable start. I’ve never played a NYE show before, and the Frankford Hall experience was fun with so many loved ones around. I took a surf trip to Nicaragua a few days later and had a great time. Now we get to play Philly again in a few days. 2016 is so far so good.

ROP: When can we expect some new tunes? Can you share anything with us about new material?

KV: We’re actively working on material for the next album.  Actively, for me, can mean fairly slow. I’m feeling good about what’s coming about in the early stages. I want to hone this record until it really hits hard. I don’t want the vibe of the band to shift, I just want to explore the far reaches of our influences and hopefully touch on some uncharted territory.

ROP: You guys are playing Parahoy in March!? Have you been on a cruise before and what are your expectations of playing on a cruise ship? Your music should fit wonderfully in a relaxing paradise.

KV: I’m eagerly anticipating the cruise. I’ve talked to friends in another band that had been invited on a cruise and they only had positive things to report. I think the music will certainly be in the right place. I really dig the idea of performing our music at sea.

ROP: Listening to your music is an escape for people. Would you say writing music is a similar experience for you?

KV: It’s music in general that gives me escape. It has a power to transform environments. I often feel my living room shift into all sorts of different rooms with new moods when I put on a powerful record. Music is so powerful it’s almost scary. It’s boundlessly vast and enchanting.

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