10 Valentines For Your Hip-Hop Sweetheart

Original Photo by Marnie Joyce, edit by Samantha Sweeney

This Sunday, February 14th couples everywhere will be scrambling to find the words to explain the deep admiration they have for their S.O. Although the local convenience store is an easy (TOO EASY) fix for your V-Day needs, there are only so many love haiku greeting cards you can buy before the words faintly printed on your last-minute note grow stale.

Make this 14th the one your #1 Homie deserves with one (or all) of these 10 Hip-Hop Valentines!

10. Can’t afford DOLCE & GABBANA? This Riff Raff reminder will do:

9. Jay sent Bey TEN THOUSAND roses prior to her 2016 Superbowl Half-time Performance. You can send your Bae this card. #BallingOnABudget

8. Byson Tiller wants to Trap your Soul.

7. Let your fine-ass Girlfriend know how on fleek they are with this Nicki & Bey inspired Valentine:

6. The love (for Erykah Badu) goes On & On:

5. When your crush AND cheesecake share the same qualities:

4. I’d never “New Fone Who Dis?” you:

3. Sometimes your bae needs reminding courtesy of J. Biebs:

2. Don’t let the haters win this Valentines Day.

Let you crush know they have the (MAJOR) key to your heart.

1. Remind the homies you love them with a lil’ Hey What’s Up Hello this Sunday.

Will you be buying or making your own cards this Valentine’s Day? Let us know!

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