Jake Leschinsky of Swift Technique Checks In Ahead of Disco Biscuits Show

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 Trying to organize and plan for a large band of musicians is, perhaps, one of the most difficult tasks that faces artists.  Conflicts arise in every facet from scheduling, recording, touring, and even internally. Swift Technique, however, accomplishes the rare feat of coming together and delivering high-octane, performances with the traditional ensemble of James Brown combined with the grit of Led Zeppelin. When Jake Leschinsky and Andy Bree first started Swift Technique in 2007 they began as a five piece. Now, almost ten years later, the group has travelled the country playing numerous festivals, have opened for acts such as Wu Tang Clan, Turkuaz, Questlove, and now prepare for their show alongside The Disco Biscuits at the Fillmore this Saturday. While touring through South America with one of his side projects, Leschinsky took the time to call me up and answer questions about how Swift Technique has evolved, the bond between him and his band mates, and how their experiences drive their creativity and performances.

Photo via the artist

Photo courtesy of the Artist

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  1. Lauren Silvestri

    February 4, 2016 at 11:55 pm

    These guys have played at the Ardmore Music Hall a bunch of times, and they are always awesome!

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