Kaleo Shows Philly a Good Time at the Foundry

Photography by Wakana Narisako

Tuesday night at The Foundry inside of The Fillmore was a wildly entertaining night. Firekid blessed us all with their Memphis bluesy rock and rambunctious energy. Lead singer Dillon Hodges showed many different ranges of emotion with his active facial expressions which were as quick to change as his fingers on his guitar strings. They incorporated a Nintendo Gameboy into their performance and played along with it, for an electronic touch and a huge wave of nostalgia.

Kaleo took the stage with “I Can’t Go On Without You,” which began with impeccable whistling by lead singer JJ Júlíusson as bright, white, spotlight illuminated the stage. His singing was just as perfect and the low range resonated well into the venue. The intimate setting allowed for more of a conversation with the audience as they moved on to “All The Pretty Girls” and “Broken Bones.” Bluesy tune “Broken Bones” has a growl to it that was executed perfectly.



Vor í Vaglaskógi” was their only non-English song on the setlist and also happens to be one of their most famous tracks. The dramatic and passion-filled ballad was delivered beautifully. At one point, Júlíusson stopped the show momentarily to fix an out-of-tune guitar. Had this been a large arena show, it might have been devastating, but since the atmosphere was so intimate and warm, there was not a single break in the conversation. Their more energetic tracks like “Automobile” and “Rock’ n’ Roller” had bassist Danny Jones waving his arms and being the best hype man.

The encore “No Good” was a great sendoff into the night as the band put their all into the last song. In a previous interview with Júlíusson, he described Kaleo’s live performances in one word as “dynamic.” Dynamic was what they gave us, with their sound reaching all spectrum from careful and delicate, to an explosion of sound.

See all the photos from the show below!

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