Keller Williams Kwahtro Bring a Festival Heat to a Frigid TLA

Photography by Mike Mauger

Keller Williams has led so many musical projects at this point, it’s almost hard to keep them all straight. I should point out right away that when I speak of Keller Williams, I am not speaking of the real estate brokers. I can neither confirm nor deny their musical abilities, or what they were up to Saturday night.

I can, however, verify, that Keller Williams (musician) has a new project that’s touring the country right now, and it could be his greatest endeavor yet.


Williams has led almost a dozen different solo and group musical projects since he came onto the scene in the 1990’s. His versatility and ability to play a variety of genres like bluegrass, funk, acoustic, jazz, and alt rock, have earned him the respect of music fans far and wide, not to mention a permanent spot on festival lineups across the country. He has way too many projects to name here, so instead, I’ll just send you to his website, where you can read all about them, here.


Saturday night, Keller brought his latest, Keller Williams Kwahtro, to the TLA on South Street. Though the temperatures outside were downright frigid, KWW made it feel like a summer festival inside. The Kwahtro consists of old friends of Williams, Gibb Droll, Danton Boller, and Rodney Holmes, and it’s easy to see the musical fruits of their longtime collaborative relationship. The stellar musicianship allows them to use Williams’ songs to launch themselves into improvisations that range anywhere from bluegrass to funk, and anywhere and everywhere in between.

There were tapers there, for sure, so as soon as we’ve got the audio, we’ll have it right here for you.

In the meantime, check out the full photo gallery below! Were you at the show? Tell us your favorite moment in the comments below!

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