KNOW YOUR SCENE: Carolyn Lederach of Sofar Sounds Philly

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Photography provided courtesy of Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds is revolutionizing the DIY music scene. Their mission is to “bring the magic back to live music” by hosting exclusive live music events throughout a city. These “sofars” are an intimate, invite-only performance event – the best new music played in unique spaces (like someone’s rooftop or basement), to passionate audiences. Sofar Sounds strives to maintain a certain ethos about shows; on their website, they claim, “Unlike many other house shows, Sofar events are not simply for friends and drinking buddies. Instead, we work hard to cultivate a dedicated and attentive audience of true music lovers. Our events are not ‘a party with live music,’ but an interactive listening experience for people who want to discover new music and meet like-minded people.” This dedication to local music scenes has been working. After starting in 2010, Sofar Sounds now hosts shows in 208 cities around the world – including Philadelphia. Rock On Philly has the opportunity to speak with Carolyn Lederach, Philly Coordinator for Sofar Sounds, and learn more about how she and Sofar Sounds are impacting the Philly music scene.


Carolyn Lederach of Sofar Sounds

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