Panic! At The Disco’s Death of a Bachelor Turns the Crazy Up, But Only Half-Way

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Featured Image by Samantha Sweeney

Panic! At The Disco have been around for a decade. Yeah, insane. What’s also insane is that up until January 15th, the world hasn’t heard a new album from the group fronted by vocalist extraordinaire Brendon Urie in three years. The singles held us up for a while, as well as re-listening to the entire four-LP discography, but the group (which now consists solely Urie as an official and founding member) has finally released their fifth album, Death Of A Bachelor, and it’s no surprise that it’s stylistically different from their previous albums. This album, released through Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 Records, is completely helmed by Urie and that which he’s deemed in an interview with Rolling Stone that it’s a “love letter to L.A.” In a sense, it’s also a musical dedication to all the different genres that are warped into the eleven-song tracklist that make up this highly-anticipated album.


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