Tedeschi Trucks Band Kicks Off Sold Out Weekend at the Keswick Theatre

Photography by Mike Mauger

I’m not exactly breaking new ground when I tell you that the Tedeschi Trucks Band is very good. I’ve known they’re good for a few years. But I hadn’t known they were this good.

The Tedeschi Trucks band is not exactly new on the block, and neither are their two namesake members, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi. The two married back in 2001, but didn’t put their solo on hiatus until 2010.


Since then, the band has grown from the Soul Stew Revival, to an eight piece group, to the “surprisingly consistent” twelve-piece lineup that tours and records as the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Tedeschi has that soulful, beautiful, slightly raspy voice that’s so great for the blues, but you can’t help but think that one wrong note is going to make her voice go out. Trucks has been known for his signature slide guitar sound since he was a kid, and has grown into his own as a producer as well. Trucks acted as the sole producer on the band’s latest studio album, Let Me Get By, which has already gained widespread critical acclaim in the few weeks since its release.


Recorded in a studio at the Tedeschi-Trucks household in Jacksonville, Florida over the last year, the album isn’t exactly all that different from their previous releases, but it’s bigger, and bolder. And, it’s easy to tell from their performance on Friday night, that the band is more than just two names.


Friday night was my first time seeing TTB in the flesh, and while I knew the band was great, part of me expected the concert to be the Derek and Susan show. The performance was anything but. The TTB lineup is so incredibly stacked with musicians who have talent oozing from their finger tips, it almost seems unfair. Between the horns section, an almost gospel choir-esque group of backing vocals, a keys player who would go back to back with Trucks on solos, and dual drummers who kept a mean rhythm, it really feels like the Tedeschi Trucks Band is somehow cheating. They’re too good. All of them. It’s not fair.


Fair or not, 2016 looks to be the biggest year yet for the band, and Philly is incredibly fortunate to have had them in town for three consecutive sold out nights at the Keswick Theatre.  As an added bonus, you can actually download the full show for your listening pleasure, here!

Check out the full setlist and photo gallery below!


“Don’t Know What It Means”
“Keep On Growing”
“Let Me Get By”
“Bird on the Wire”
“Idle Wind”
“Sticks & Stones”
“The Sky Is Crying”
“Within You Without You”
“Just As Strange”
“I Want More”
“Midnight In Harlem”
“Bound for Glory”
“I Cannot Make It”
“Lets Go Get Stoned”


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