The Disco Biscuits Debut at The Fillmore With Chemical Warfare!

Photography by Mike Mauger

It probably wouldn’t be out of line to say that The Disco Biscuits, or at least the members of the Philadelphia jam-tronica band, have graced pretty much every stage in this city. From their start at The University of Pennsylvania twenty years ago, the gentlemen of the Biscuits have played places as small as The Blockley (RIP) and Ardmore Music Hall, and as large as The Mann Center and the amphitheater in Camden now known as the BB&T Pavilion. However, before Thursday night, they had yet to play at the still fresh Fillmore in Fishtown.


If there was ever a concert hall that was made for the Biscuits, it’s the Fillmore. With state-of-the-art audio, combined with lighting and stage production extending throughout the audience, we were treated to the full audio/visual experience that Biscuits fans deserve.


Philly Biscuits shows are always somewhat of a homecoming, but Thursday night’s show had a little something extra to it. Although the Fillmore opened last October, and I’ve photographed a number of shows there since, having the Disco Biscuits finally take advantage of the space really made it feel like something of a grand re-opening. And frankly, I think the Biscuits felt that, and treated it as such.


The band blazed through a first set in just over an hour, that kicked off with “Chemical Warfare Brigade,” the title track of bassist Marc Brownstein’s rock opera of the same name – a rare treat that set the tone for the entire night.


The second set, on the other hand, was a sight to see. Coming in at just under two hours, the boys only made it through five songs, including the encore, though those five seemed to be real crowd-pleasers – each getting better reception than the one before. The night ended with a tune Philly seems to get fairly often, “Kitchen Mitts.” No one seems to mind though. It’s essentially a Philadelphia tradition as significant as The Disco Biscuits themselves.


Check out the full set list below, along with a photo recap of the night!

I: “Chemical Warfare Brigade” “Aceetobe,” “Neck Romancer,” “Aceetobee,” “Munchkin Invasion,” “Tricycle,” “Munchkin Invasion”

II: “Reactor,” “Jigsaw Earth,” “Tempest,” “Jigsaw Earth,” “Floes” (ending only)

E: “Kitchen Mitts”

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Will you visit the Disco Biscuits at the other two nights? Tell us in the comments below!

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