Troye Sivan Talks LGBT Representation in the Music Industry, Writing New Album, and His Upcoming Show at The Fillmore

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Rock On Philly: How has your experience been between acting, YouTube, and now just releasing your first album?

Troye Sivan: It’s been really overwhelming. My whole life I’ve just really liked entertaining people and being creative and kind of making things and so, to kind of have it become my job and become my life the last couple of years in so many different forms like acting and YouTube stuff and music; it just feels really surreal and I kind of can’t believe that it’s my life now.

ROP: What was your writing process when making Blue Neighbourhood?

TS: For writing this album, I wrote it completely autobiographically, so all the songs are about my life and experiences that I was going through. I really just treated it personally and conversationally and just wrote, honestly, trying to avoid thinking about the fact that anyone wants to hear it. I just wrote because I needed to write for me, mostly, and in that found producers that I fell in love with and co-writers that I fell in love with and we all just sort of hung out a couple of times throughout the writing year and just wrote really slowly and carefully and put a lot of love into it.

ROP: As someone that’s a member of the LGBT community, how important do you think the community’s representation is in the music industry?

TS: I think it’s incredibly important. I think that the entertainment industry, in general, has so much influence on culture around the world and, especially now with the internet, just so many people can be reached that couldn’t be reached before. So, to be able to put representation out there in the media and show LGBT kids that there are other people like you, there are people that look like you, there are people who are dealing with the same thing that you’re dealing with; I think it’s such a huge step in making kids feel less alone and changing the way that people see the LGBT community.

ROP: Do you have any particular songs you listen to to get you hype before performances?

TS: I listen to probably “212” by Azalea Banks just to get me really, really hype. Like, it never fails. I also have a playlist on Spotify that gets me really going before shows.

ROP: What can we expect from the Blue Neighbourhood Tour compared to your previous tours? 

TS: Well, I just ran through the show for the first time [in January] from beginning to end and I really can’t believe how much of a step up it is. I think they’re going to be really excited when they [the fans] see the show, but it’s just an insane experience. I’ve worked with some really talented people to bring all of the ideas in my head to live and its working, so I’m really excited about it.

As mentioned, tickets to the Philly stop on the Blue Neighbourhood Tour are sold out, but you can still try your hand at getting tickets here! In the meantime, check out Troye’s latest video below!

Will you be at the show? Tell us in the comments below how excited YOU are about Troye Sivan!

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    March 2, 2016 at 11:32 pm

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