Biz Markie Chats The Golden Age of Hip-Hop and Upcoming Show at TLA

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Biz Markie is a multi-dimensional entertainment mogul. Don’t just take our word for it–the man has captivated the world for the past thirty years for just being himself, and clearly has no plans to stop. After skyrocketing to success with his now-classic hit, “Just A Friend,” the Biz has remained on the forefront of both music and humor for past three decades. Though he keeps a low-profile, his career longevity has been on his own terms by using his talents to bolster the careers and visions of others, taking dips into acting, comedy, voice-over work, and, of course, producing and writing his own brand of hip-hop. His objective, at the end of the day, is to entertain and, though he uses humor to project his goofball persona, the Biz is actually a talented freestyler, beatboxer, and DJ, and hopes to bring that entertaining vibe to the TLA on March 18th. Rock On Philly had the chance to catch up with the Biz ahead of his upcoming show, Decades Collide: ’80’s vs. ’90’s, and talk about everything from his role in the Golden Age of Hip-Hop, his jam-packed touring schedule, and his favorite memories over the years.


Photo by Bo Borbye Pedersen

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