Comedian Pat House Makes a Playlist

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If you’re into the Philly comedy scene, you most definitely know one of its rising stars, Pat House. A Delaware County native, Pat tours nationally and has just come back from a series of shows on the west coast which included stops in California, Oregon, and Washington. He’s been heard on Sirius XM Radio and now that he’s back in town, you can catch him at the Helium Comedy Club, where he performs regularly.

This week, we asked Pat to make a playlist of his favorite songs of all time for our new “Makes A Playlist” feature.

Here are his top 10 picks:


1. “It’s Late” – Queen

Pat says: “My favorite song by my favorite band. Forget ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘We Are the Champions’ and ‘Somebody to Love,’ this song embodies every aspect of what makes Queen perfect.”


2. “Vienna” – Billy Joel

Pat says: “It’s been my favorite Piano Man song as long as I can remember. The second verse…wow. If you’re pursuing a goal of any kind, those words will keep you grounded and motivated.”


3. “I’ll Follow The Sun” – The Beatles

Pat says: “Short and sweet; under two minutes and pure perfection. If this song doesn’t make you smile, you’re lost.”


4. “Crying, Waiting, Hoping” – Buddy Holly

Pat says: “This song speaks volume for 1950s Rock ‘n’ Roll. The loud, echoing vocals…the crunchy, guitar. No wonder he paved the way for the Beatles and The Stones.”


5. “Aurora” – Foo Fighters

Pat says: “A favorite among fans, this song was never a hit single, but is easily one of the most creative and powerful songs the band has in their catalogue.”


6. “Making Believe” – Social Distortion

Pat says: “Mike Ness is one of my absolute favorite lyricists, but what he did with this 1950s country hit is fantastic. I typically listen to this song twice in a row.”


7. “Going To Pasalacqua” – Green Day

Pat says: “They wrote and recorded this song while they were still in high school. I really wish more people were familiar with Pre-Dookie Green Day; some of their absolute best songs were written before they were known.”


8. “Train In Vain” – The Clash

Pat says: “Another perfect example of a simple, catchy song. The guitar, bass, piano and harmonica playing the rhythm together creates such a distinct sound, you know it’s The Clash.”


9. “Bad” – U2

Pat says: “I’ve seen U2 four times and I’ve never seen them play this live, but they’ve always played it the following night. The album version is great, but ANY live version of this song gives me chills.”


10. “Burden In My Hand” – Soundgarden

Pat says: “I remember hearing this song when I was eleven or twelve and within the first few words, I immediately knew how powerful Chris Cornell’s voice was. When I daydream about being a rockstar, this is the song I envision myself belting out onstage.”

To stay up to date with Pat House, you can follow him on Twitter @bohemianpatsody. His debut album, Biggest Thing, is also available on iTunes. 

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