Games Violet Are Artfully Eerie on Nixie EP

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Classically educated composers taking a chance on surrealist electronica with completely digitally produced symphonies, breathy, synthesized accent vocals—these, along with an eerily groovin’ musical sensibility, offset the genius that is Games Violet.  An Irish duo working out of a home studio in Philadelphia, Games Violet, consisting of Alexander Games and Emma Violet, respectively, launched their music careers as composers, writing for orchestra, theater, laptop ensembles and sound installations.  Now, each enrolled in the music composition doctoral program at Princeton University, the duo writes and produces dreamy and drinkable pop records—outfitting innovation with technical perfection.

Album Art by Carly Janine Mazur

Album Art by Carly Janine Mazur

Games Violet released their debut EP, Nixie, on March 15.  Nothing short of otherworldly, Nixie proves itself an amalgamation of starts and stops, liquid metal rhythms, and theatrical vocals.  The 4-track EP demonstrates the duo’s impeccable versatility, while maintaining an air of compositional greatness. The mantra-induced, streamlined structure of “Gone,” offers a black and white response to the ever-winsome, extempore body of “Courtship.”  Vocals seem to serve as an accent to the pulsing and often convulsive tracks, allowing for the full landscape of a composition to present itself little by little.

Emma and Alexander are influenced by a host of artistic media, including illustration, fine art, and musical styles ranging from contemporary pop to 16th century sacred music.  Citing influences like Surrealist writer and fine artist Dorothea Tanning, avant-garde and popular cartoonist Charles Burns, and the ever-eclectic unmistakably legendary Prince, Games Violet prove their music roots itself in a variety of media and artistic motives.  Referring to their style as “Surrealist Pop,” it becomes more and more evident that for Emma and Alexander, the lines between fine art and music are blurred, or rather, don’t even exist to begin with.

With Nixie, Games Violet announce themselves as a unique force in electronic music.  As they plot their next move—a full-length release scheduled for September 2016, Games Violet leave us a bit of their canvas to chew on in the mean time.  Their lyrics compel us to follow, as they pronounce promises and spill sorrows through shape-shifting melodies.  “Yes, that’s the way to my home town,” repeats Emma Violet in “Courtship,” and even though we aren’t sure where that way may be, we are inclined to go along.

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