Holy Wave’s Freaks of Nurture is Psychedelically Sensational

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Holy Wave recently released their exceptional new LP Freaks of Nurture. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, the psychedelic pop rock group has captivated audiences around the world. The group is currently playing stages throughout Europe and is set to play Levitation Vancouver Festival soon after their return. They hype is warranted, as their latest release takes listeners on hazy, dreamlike journey. Freaks of Nurture blends classic rock with modern indie elements and filters them through a screen of synthetic distortion to create a unique and exciting album.


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From the opening riff of “She Put a Seed in My Ear,” Holy Wave beckons to listeners with a clean, suspenseful guitar solo. As the track continues to build, layers of instrumentals overlap with distorted vocals to create harmony. The groove carries through the changes in instrumental arrangements and tempos, creating a surprisingly complex yet cohesive piece.

This smoky effect holds through the distorted vocals as the album progresses and different influences make their ways to the forefront of songs. Even though “Wendy Go Round” largely consists of mellow rock elements, the vocals maintain a dreamlike atmosphere. While “You Should Lie” largely consists of the thrashing drums, quick guitar, and hasty tempo of a garage rock, the psychedelic vibe still carries though.

Air Wolf” stands out for its infectious guitar riffs. The quick-paced, rhythmic solos coupled with a more prevalent bass create a more upbeat mood than apparent in previous tracks. Even as the vocals contradict with soft, slow pronunciation, the beat remains overwhelmingly upbeat, creating a refreshing shift in the album’s pace without sacrificing cohesion.

This shift carries through into the pursuing track “Our Pigs.” The pounding vocals and quick guitar plucks further increase the tempo while the surreal vocals maintain the album’s flow. The track is quirky and bubbly, rooted most prevalent in the indie rock sphere.

Holy Wave concludes the album with a piece that pushed the psychedelic nature of the band to the forefront. “Minstrel’s Gallop” masks the pounding drum and clean guitar of the more rock tracks behind the heavy synths and distortion to create the most heavily psychedelic effect present on the album. The instrumentals are heavily layered and have a dreamlike effect until they stop abruptly, awakening listeners back to reality as the track and album end.

Freaks of Nurture is hypnotizing, with an alluring opening riff that keeps listeners engaged until the very end of the album, where they are tossed back out of Holy Wave’s foggy world of warped instrumentals and blended melodies. The overall experience in undeniably mesmerizing, and with Freaks of Nurture, Holy Wave will undoubtedly put listeners under their spell.

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  1. Lauren S

    March 24, 2016 at 9:58 pm

    I love anything psychedelic, and this band sounds really good!

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