March Artist of the Month: Howlish

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It’s not often that we encounter a local band whose notoriety has surged so dramatically in just a year. Our March Artist of the Month, Howlish, has done just that.  Bandmates Mark Watter, Karl Germanovich, Taylor Cullen, and Brendan Sweeney are a multi-textured tour-de-force, having emerged onto Philly’s local music scene in 2014 with an already elevated sound.  Throughout 2015, the foursome got down to work on their first ever LP, Outer.  A wonderfully groove-laced and semi-sonic compilation, Outer contains eight tracks of wild vocals and unconstrained musical riffs.  Nearly everything this band puts out has us hanging on a thread, pinging for whatever may come next. Rock on Philly had the opportunity to chat with fan-voted and nominated Artist of the Month, Howlish, about their latest LP, space rock, and why Philly is the city for them.


Photo by Jackie Papanier

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