Kashish Picks Up the Pieces on Latest Single “Glass”

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West Philly’s music scene has long been an incubator for some of the city’s rising stars. Bands like Modern Baseball, The Districts, and WC Lindsey started out in cramped basements rocking out like a bunch of Punks who got kicked out of CBGB, raging while honing their craft as performers. Out of that scene arrives a fresh sound in Kashish, a young R&B singer/songwriter whose latest single “Glass” shows a sophisticated artist who is as talented as she is fearless.

Kashish, along with collaborator/producer Perry Longo, returns to follow up last year’s The Hype EP with her latest single “Glass” off her next EP With Love. Siren-like samples creep in on the track’s intro before dropping out to make room for Kashish’s powerful voice proclaiming “I’m made up of tiny pieces of glass.” Longo’s choice to keep the vocals dry and blended in the rest mix was a masterful move, maintaining a tight focus on Kashish’s voice and haunted lyrics while still emphasizing them through dramatic dynamics. “Everbody wants to broken” she moans before a swarm of synths erupt, signaling the track’s epic chorus.

Glass Cover Art

Single art courtesy of the artist

“Glass” delves into the unspoken emotional violence we are capable of inflicting on each other. It speaks to toxic relationships that only stand to pull you down to the other’s level, taking on their pain without offering any hope of relieving you of your own. Misery may love company, but it’s company that Kashish wisely keeps at arms length.

Look for Kashish’s next EP, With Love, coming out this May!


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