KNOW YOUR SCENE: Todd Pritchard

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Featured Image courtesy of Gabe Wiener

In the hit Rockumentary It Might Get Loud, U2 guitarist The Edge observed that, several times throughout his career, he believed that he was witnessing the death of the guitar in popular music only to see it re-emerge again and again. This statement came rushing to the forefront of my memory as I combed through Todd Pritchard’s music and YouTube page. A Graduate of Rowan University’s music program, Todd’s playing incorporates fingerstyle picking with Classical, Jazz, Funk and Gospel. His skillset, influences and appreciation of all musical genres of music served as the framework from which he would develop his own distinct vision, opening the guitar to new chordal harmonies, arrangements, and looping techniques. As a member of Philadelphia’s Music Community, Todd has performed and collaborated with countless artists as a touring or session musician. Todd has even made himself available to other aspiring musicians, lending his time and knowledge as a teacher in person or over even Skype. Just one conversation with Todd revealed a great deal, both as an admirer of Philadelphia’s music scene and musician.

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