Matt Spitko And His Unlikely Concept Album, At Love With War

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Photos courtesy of the Artist

Philly local Matt Spitko has released his debut LP, At Love with War. The album is an independent release, years in the making. Just as most debut albums provide for the artist, At Love with War shows the world what Matt is made of. Unlike many independent albums, it is finely-tuned and neatly packaged. The album’s eleven tracks flow together so well, it plays like a single song.

Matt had no deadline, no outside forces telling him what the project needed, and no previous release with which to compare it. In many cases, an artist can get lost in that freedom. In the case of the album, the freedom only gave Matt Spitko the room to make it perfect. The album is a story of heartbreak, self-realization, nostalgia, and humble optimism told through the sounds of contemporary Americana.

The ability to transform your mood no matter what kind of day you’re having is the mark of a talented musician and one that Matt flexes right from the start of the album. At the first sound of the opening song, “Roses”, a harmonica takes you to another place. You’re not listening in your car anymore. You’re not in the kitchen making dinner. You’re on a rural porch, watching the leaves fall from the trees. It’s easy to listen to Matt’s voice and not hear the words. His voice plays like an instrument, just as soothing as the guitar. “Things Are Looking Up” is an upbeat, optimistic song about life getting better after hard times and it could deliver the same message sung a cappella or instead, with only the music. This song is a testament to Matt’s clear vision for the album. At Love with War plays like the perfectly executed concept album of a phoenix rising from the ashes of heartache . . . which, as it turns out, isn’t what Matt set out to do. I met with Matt to talk about At Love with War.


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  1. Tom

    March 10, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    Unbelievable piece of art work. Well done!

  2. Rob Vigg

    March 11, 2016 at 11:05 am

    Matt, your hard work has paid off in the quality of your songwriting, musicianship and production.
    I have listened to the album numerous times and songs like “Things are Looking Up” and “A lot of Work To Do” are in my head all day long!
    Thanks for giving us a piece of your soul through your music; I think many people will feel it.

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