Melanie Martinez Shines at The Trocadero

Photography by Ruby Mora

Ever heard of the “cry baby aesthetic”? Well, it exists (especially on Tumblr), and I wasn’t aware of it until I came across singer/songwriter Melanie Martinez. Martinez, who released her debut album Cry Baby back in August last year, filled the album with tracks centered around the cutesy pastel theme. Martinez has built a large fan base since then, with her sold out show at the Trocadero Theatre Saturday night proving that even more so. Martinez, with openers Alvarez Kings, brought a whole new world of crazy and cute to the venue that night. Many of the fans who lined up in the brisk weather were dressed up in baby bibs, pastel pink pajamas, and in t-shirts with the Cry Baby album cover, while others had their hair dyed like Martinez, which is black on one half and either blonde, silver, or pink on the other half (that’s some serious dedication).

Melanie Martinez|Ruby Mora|Trocadero Theatre|3/26/16

Martinez, who sparked her fame as a contestant on the hit singing show NBC’s The Voice, kept the child-theme going during her performance, which included a stage setup that consisted of a large crib from which she emerged, illustrations of animals on the backdrop, and large alphabet blocks, some of which spelled out the name of her album. Without getting sexy, Martinez’s aesthetic stands out from the rest of pop music industry, and definitely works; it could even be called genius, because fans went absolutely nuts for her!

Melanie Martinez|Ruby Mora|Trocadero Theatre|3/26/16

Martinez’s set included most of the songs from Cry Baby, including “Sippy Cup,” “Soap,” “Training Wheels,” and the title track. While some might not understand why Martinez appeals to so many young fans, she knows how to work some really dark topics into the lyrics of her songs and make them sound creepy and childish at the same time, while also fantastically performing the character of Cry Baby.

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