Oddkidout Proves He’s Someone to Look Out For with Debut EP

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Rock On Philly: Congrats on the EP it sounds great.

Oddkidout: Thank you I really appreciate that. I’ve been working on it for a good amount of time. It’s been about six months. I’ve been compiling the beats. Eventually I reached out to some artists like GoGo Morrow and Bonic and friends I met playing in the city. I finally got these tracks going. Right now they’re being sent to get mixed and mastered and I should have everything done within a couple weeks and the release is on March 11th so we’re almost there. I released something senior year (of high school), but I wasn’t under the Oddkidout name yet so I’m making this my first real project. It’s been a great time doing it.

ROP: What has the evolution been like from that one to this one?

OKO: Well a big part of it was my move into Philly. I was living in the suburbs at the time. Then I moved on campus at Drexel. Being in the city environment put me in a different mindset. So for one thing I’ve been in different stages in life, but learning new techniques along the way.

ROP: Where you from originally?

OKO: Chestnut Hill area – Oreland. I went to Germantown Academy.

ROP: Tell me about the work you did with Digable Planets.

OKO: When I was about a sophomore in high school, I went to jam sessions with this guy named Gary Dann. He was the drummer when they went on tour a couple of years ago. And a good friend of my Mitch Beer is a bass player also toured with them. So I had two connections with them and then one night Doodlebug was there and we recorded a few tracks. I’m not sure what happened to them but there floating out there somewhere. All super nice guys. I was super young, you know?

ROP: Let’s talk about your upcoming EP, Within.

OKO: Basically the whole theme of the EP is to think about it as an autobiography through music. It takes the listener from beginning to end of these past few years, my parents getting divorced, my dad being sick with cancer and a few other things that just fueled each track. The sample that you hear is from home videos of me as a baby. I wanted to make the EP something personal but also something appealable.

Within Cover

Album Art of Within

ROP: It’s difficult to take music that’s mostly instrumental and make it relate to a particular theme. How do you go about that? Do you recall a different period of your life and put down what feels right?

OKO: I started playing music when I was about six and I was always trying to think about how to be better at writing songs. I was a drummer and I always wanted to be more creative. For me what was always cathartic was writing poetry and one day I was like you know what I can probably transform these same words into music and that’s the evolution. When I first started it was all about having fun and making music and trying out the software. Recently, it’s been a medium to travel so basically if I feel a certain emotion I can come home and sit in the studio and close my eyes. It’s not even much about thinking about what I want to do as much as just letting it happen. Most of the sessions I feel from good and bad things.

ROP: You rep Philly hard. What is so appealing about this city to you?

OKO: I think the first thing is that it’s just home. There’s something about when I was a kid going with my parents to the city – going for a drive from our house to see all the stuff. I’ve always been a city guy at heart. I love that it’s not super congested but still has a lot of thriving artistic communities and people. The music scene is awesome. I feel like every time I see a big artist and I look into who’s backing them there’s always a guy form Philly. You can always find people to work with and it’s not very expensive.

ROP: Who are some artists that you’ve worked with or that you know of that people need to know more about?

OKO: There is this rapper named Odyssey. He goes to Millersville University. He doesn’t have anything out yet but he has the last track on the EP. I’ve been busting his butt to get his social media going. He posted some videos on Instagram. Ashley Leone is great. She’s in Nashville now, but she’s a Philly girl. Her voice is amazing. She’s on the “Lonely Molecules” track. Mitch Beer is a great bassist and mentor. Todd Pritchard. I can go on.

ROP: What are you studying at Drexel?

OKO: I’m in the music industry program with a focus on business.

ROP: What are you planning on doing with that?

OKO: I actually just started my own company Oddkidout records. I want to be able to manage as much as I can on my end.

Oddkidout’s debut EP, Within will be available on Friday March 11th. Are you excited? Tell us in the comments below!

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