Rachel Platten, Eric Hutchinson, and Christina Grimmie Inspire at The Trocadero

Photography by Jennifer Logue

One word can describe Rachel Platten‘s sold-out show at The Trocadero: wow. The exclamation is both necessary and descriptive of the performances as well as the supportive Philly crowd in the packed room. All walks of life and age were in attendance; from kindergarten-age to middle-aged, the crowd was demonstrative of just one small aspect of the limitless power of great music.


Fans at Rachel Platten’s sold-out show at The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Up first was South Jersey native and former NBC’s The Voice contestant, Christina Grimmie. The singer-songwriter may have only played for half an hour, but her talent and drive was felt all through the venue. Her voice rung out in clear notes, showing a large range for the young soprano, and her poignant lyrics hit home. With a nod to her The Voice audition, Grimmie broke out her audition song, Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball,” and took a fresh take on the yearning ballad.


Christina Grimmie performs at The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Next up were the folk-funk tunes of Eric Hutchinson. The D.C. native got the crowd moving and extra-excited for Rachel Platten’s upcoming performance with a set full of dancing, crowd cues, and, overall, a fresh breeze of genuine showmanship and charisma, and even ran off the stage into a sea of cell phone cameras! He was not without quip, throwing verbal punches like, “Usually when you tell someone that it’s a brand new song, that’s when they go to the bathroom or get a drink. We have some trust now,” before launching into his self-described power ballad, “Anyone Who Knows Me.” Hutchinson did not take all the credit for his awesome performance by introducing his backing band, The Believers, early on in the set and whose energy mixed with Hutchinson’s pushed his performance from great to brilliant.


Eric Hutchinson performs in the crowd at The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

The lady of the night had a dramatically tense opening. Color changes in the lighting and tonal guitar riffs and drumming heightened already-excited fans to a fever pitch before Rachel Platten appeared suddenly in a yellow spotlight and launched into the first song of the night with the help a strong backing choir of the audience. When she took a moment to talk, she could barely speak, saying in scratchy speaking voice, “It’s no secret that I’m feeling a little under the weather,” and asked the crowd if they would help her sing; the audience enthusiastically agreed.


Rachel Platten performs at The Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Her announcement not only took much of the crowd by surprise (including me!), as her voice (sound-wise) was not much impaired by her condition, but it was clear Platten was feeling the strain at times and let the audience take over certain parts of her songs. Though she was in pain throughout her performance, Platten did not let it show; her face and voice were generally serene, as if the love of the crowd buoyed her and carried her through notes that she was unable to get out. Her genuine love of her fans showed through in both song and speaking to the crowd, and was truly a remarkable thing to witness. Platten announced mid-set that she would have to “cut a few songs” from her set, and ended with her inspirational track, “Stand By You.” The ‘cut’ songs were short-lived, as Platten encored moments later with her smash hit, “Fight Song,” ending the show on a positive and inspirational note.

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