Satellite Hearts Talk Inspirations, Gigs, and What’s To Come

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What do you get when you mix some mellow, Psychedelic Rock with loud and strong vocals, as well as some kickass instruments all around that are reminiscent of The Clash? You get the trio that is Satellite Hearts. Justin Pellecchia, Lucan Rinz, and Keaton Thandi make up this group that meshes so many elements of rock and create their own, unique sound and universe with each album they create. We chatted it up with the guys about their latest album Desire Forces the Flow, some local inspirations, and what’s next for the band.


Rock On Philly: What was the writing and recording process like for Desire Forces the Flow?

Satellite Hearts: Some of those songs are actually songs that we wrote before we even released our first record. Our writing process was pretty much going in with a bunch of songs, I think we had around thirty songs, and sitting down with the guy who ended up being our producer on the record, which was Joe Bisirri, and we were just collectively widdling out the ones we thought weren’t as cohesive as the rest. Our writing process, in terms of putting an album together, was trying to find a key that would be cohesive regardless of when we wrote it, but also painting a full picture for the listener. Our first record did a lot more rocking, and we wanted to kind of expand our sound a little bit.


Satellite Hearts perform at Ortlieb’s Lounge

ROP: What are the major differences between Desire Forces the Flow and Imperial Green?

SH: I would say time, for the most part. Imperial Green was done in three days, and Desire Forces the Flow from beginning to end was almost a year, so it was a very long process. We wanted to, again, try and enhance the full sonic sound of the band, and not have a time restraint like we had for the first record. We wanted to give everything as much time as we thought it needed because we were very happy with our first record, but looking back on it and getting ready for the second record, I think we felt like we weren’t given our choice of time. It was kind of also depending upon the engineer that we worked with. So time was definitely the biggest difference, but sonically the record changed a little bit. The first record’s a little more garage rock-like, and I feel like there are those elements on Desire Forces the Flow. There’s elements of a lot of different other textures where we don’t necessarily get all of those on the first record.


Satellite Hearts perform at Ortlieb’s Lounge

ROP: How has the band grown since making Imperial Green?

SH: Tremendously. It has been a long time since Imperial Green. It’s been…four years, and a lot has happened. Imperial Green came out in 2012 and between that time we had no guitar player for about a year, we traveled around, we’ve grown, and now we’re living in the city, and we’ve grown tremendously with experience. We’ve also backed up a lot of other singers, and that has also attributed to the music, the group, and our styles.


Satellite Hearts perform at Ortlieb’s Lounge

ROP: What do you guys think of the current state of Psychedelic and Alternative Rock in the Philly music scene?

SH: Philly has everything going on, so it doesn’t matter, really, what genre of music it is. We’ve come across cool bands like The Needle Points. We filled in on drums for them for a little while. There’s a band called Scantron that play Garage rock and they’re really cool. At the end of this month, we’re backing up a band called Poin Curse , which is basically a project started out of the guitar player from Toy Soldiers, Matt Kelly, and he’s doing some Punk Rock/Garage style stuff, The Lawsuits, and Psychedelic Rock like St. James & the Apostles, but there’s definitely so much music in Philly and, truly, it’s hard to not think of a genre that’s not being played by somebody. There’s lots of bands that we encounter, but those are just a few of our favorites in the Philly area and people who have inspired us.


Satellite Hearts perform at Ortlieb’s Lounge

ROP: What’s next for Satellite Hearts?

SH: I think, for right now, we’re in the process of taking and figuring out how we want to do our next record. In the last record, we had just way too much material for one record, so we, again, just need to ween down the songs that we really think have it and work together to put together a good product, and that involves figuring out who’s going to produce it, so that’s the stage that we’re at right now. We’re still writing all the time. We’re never not writing. [Laughs] We’re about to go to a gig right now at Underground Arts, and we’re in the course of booking a tour for late May/early June, and just keeping on doing what we do and keeping things moving and trying to get them to move in the right direction.

Keep a look out for a tour from these extremely talented guys, and check out “Carry Them Bones” from Desire Forces the Flow.

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