The Griswolds’ Chris Whitehall Chats Union Transfer Show, Ninja Turtles, and Hotline Spring

Featured Image by Jared O’Sullivan

The Griswolds are making a big return to Philly as they tour with Magic Man on The Hotline Spring Tour. They will be performing at Union Transfer on April 9th. We got a chat in with lead vocalist Chris Whitehall as the band was on the road to Austin.

Featured Photo by Wakana Narisako

Photo by Wakana Narisako

Rock On Philly: How is recording going for you guys? Are you recording at all in Austin?

Chris Whitehall: We’re actually just in Austin for a gig. Recording is going well, everyone’s working well together, I think. We’re getting a lot done. It’s been fun meeting everyone.

ROP: You guys were in Philly in November for a tour with New Politics and Andrew McMahon.

CW: Yeah that was the final show of the tour so it was cool.


ROP: It was a lot of fun seeing you guys have fun with the other artists and crash each others’ sets. Did you guys get to do anything fun on tour?

CW: We went bowling. We weren’t that wild on tour off-stage.

ROP: So, you won’t be sticking around for SXSW in Austin?

CW: No we’re just here for one gig and then flying right back to LA to finish up recording. We have a day off in Austin tomorrow, but we’re only here for a short time.

ROP: You guys did Firefly the past two years but you’re not on the lineup this year. Are you doing any other festivals this summer?

CW: No, not really. We’re taking a year off to record the album. After that, we’re heading back to Australia to release a new single.

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Photo by Wakana Narisako

ROP: How often do you get to go back to Australia?

CW: It’s been about nine months that we’ve been in America or Europe.

ROP: Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Do you have an anticipated date for the album release?

CW: Not quite sure yet. We have quite a lot to do with recording.

ROP: Did you know that Wikipedia lists Kevin Ray (of Walk the Moon) as a member of your band?

CW: Ha yes, we are fully aware. We don’t know who did it, but I think it’s funny. Obviously not true, but he’s a great guy.

Wikipedia incorrectly states that Kevin Ray is a member of the Griswolds

ROP: How do you feel about the tour with Magic Man? Love the name of the tour.

CW: Really excited. It’ll feel good to get back on the road again. I think it’ll be really good and we’re getting ready for it. It’ll be fun coming back to play at Union Transfer. We love the venue.

ROP: Last question. Favorite ninja turtle?

CW: I’ve always been a big fan of Donatello.

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